Top 10 Q+A With The Modern Day GK

Thanks to everyone who sent their questions in. Here are some of the most asked question. Hope this helps!

How tall are you and does height matter?

This is one of the most infuriating things with goalkeeping – not all tall goalkeepers are great keepers, the smaller keepers that have made it in top leagues, tend to have the most technical ability as they can’t rely on their height but also excel in different athletic capabilities.

Lee, is 5 foot 10 inches. For Lee, it has never affected his game as he is extremely fast and powerful which means he has a great spring.

Lee was released at 11 years old from Sunderland for being too small. But we’ll save this topic for a blog to itself very soon!

Where did you start your career?

Lee, started his career as a youngster at Sunderland from the age of 8-11 years old.

He was released at 11 and played local/district/college football until the age of 17 years old and then signed for Glasgow Rangers FC in Scotland.

What is the best advice you can give to someone wanting to become a pro?

Don’t ever think you’ve made it

Work hard

Work on every part of your game and every physical quality

Listen and don’t take anything in football personally. Emotions at the time, can influence what someone says to you and how they say it.

When did you first start using the side volley and how did you become so good at it!?

Practice, practice and practice some more ha! Around about when Lee was 16/17 years old. No one had really done that type of distribution in Scotland!

Here is one of the earliest footages we have of Lee doing the side volley in a reserve game for Rangers over 11 years ago!

Who is your goalkeeper idol past or present?

Fabien Barthez, was our favourite. He was ahead of his time. He has won it all! So good with the ball at his feet and one of the best sweeper keepers ever.

We also love Pep Reina, he really is the complete goalkeeper! Perfect technique, quick, strong and very comfortable on the ball. We love to see goalkeepers take chances and play positively.

What gloves do you wear for matches and why do you use them?

For matches, Lee still wears the Adidas Ace Trans Pro from last year (cuts the strap off ha). The grip is great even in the wet and the latex isn’t too thick. He will eventually update them but only when something as good comes out on the market.

What kind of boots do you wear?

We currently wear “Nike Vapors” and have done for the last 8 years or so. We went through a spell before that wearing “Lotto Zhero Evolution” football boots which were a little bit similar!

We love thin boots where you can really feel the ball and also so we feel sharper and quicker. Your feet and hands are your tools. They need to feel good for you.

How do you improve your handling?

So many goalkeepers first learn to catch with very padded gloves. We believe they should really learn to catch the ball with their hands and make sure they aren’t relying on the grip of their gloves to catch them.

During your goalkeeper training, train with:
Thinner grip gloves
Outfield gloves
Gloves soaked in water
No gloves

How do you bounce back from a bad game?

Something we are massively interested in, is sport psychology. Find it fascinating how the brain works. Give some of Dan Abraham’s work a read. He’s brilliant.

He talks about all sorts but one of the biggest things is the importance of regularly using mental imagery. See yourself play better than you have ever played. Build confidence from that.

Also, after games, analyse your game and take the positives from it but don’t ignore the negatives. Learn from those mistakes.

What is the best mobility exercise for a goalkeeper?

One of our favourite mobility exercises are “Spidermans” or also known as “The Greatest Stretch in the World”. Its brilliant as it hits multiple joints that are used in goalkeeping.

Shoulders/hips/lower back. In our pre match warm up, you’ll find the other key mobility exercises for goalkeepers!

We hope you’ve enjoyed it and learnt something from this Q&A… Hopefully ha! Thanks for your time everyone,
Lee, Shaun and Mark

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  • Henry & Daddy Save-All
    August 16, 2018 (9:07 am)

    We love your content on social media & on here. Keep it going guys ⚽️👐🏼

  • John
    August 16, 2018 (10:43 am)

    Lee you are such a talent can’t wait to see what you do next. Keep up the great work

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