The Best Goalkeepers

We were recently asked to contribute to Bleacher Reports article (read here) on the evolution of goalkeepers.

Here are our choices and why. Please feel free to leave a comment with your choices….

The Premier League is full of top goalkeepers now so don’t be surprised that a lot of our choices play here

Shot-stopping: Jan Oblak

The one keeper on this list of the more conventional goalkeeper mould. If the main aim of a goalkeeper is to keep the ball out of the net and there’s no one who does this better than this man! His flawless positioning and footwork makes saves look a lot easier than what they actually are.

Handling: Ederson Moraes

The ball rarely comes away from him! It’s seen as a bit of a risk catching balls now due to the ridiculous amount of movement in balls these days. He’ll catch these first time that others might pat down. His timing is brilliant.

Reflexes: David De Gea

He seems to favour his right hand when making saves but when it’s as good as his – no wonder! Time and time again it has left strikers in disbelief. Uses his feet to save better than any other goalkeeper. When others keepers are a split second away from saving with their hand, David quickly decides to go with a foot and gets there!

Aerial command: Emerson Moraes

Theres not a much he can’t do! He’s quick to cover ground around the box and can jump off either foot. These two qualities combined with his stature makes him very hard beat in the air when balls come into the box.

Maty Ryan in the Premier League deserves a mention as he had some of the best stats for taking crosses last year! Brilliant to see from a goalkeeper of his height. Just shows you, speed and good athleticism beats height anyday!

Big-game ability: Jordan Pickford

We’ve never met the man himself but he comes across like he doesn’t care what game he’s playing in, he’ll play the same way! That’s a perfect mentality to have as a goalkeeper.

Penalty-saving: Diego Alves (Flamengo)

For this one, it all comes down to stats. The Brazilian has faced 56 penalties and saved an astonishing 25! He never commits early, a trademark feint either side making tempts the striker into changing their mind right up to the very last second. When you do this, you don’t need to move early, you can gamble on the striker being put off and not hit the ball as well as they should.

Distribution (feet): A toss up between Ederson Moraes and Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

The latter, with two brilliant feet, you’ll have witnessed him clipping 30-40 yard balls to either flank with ease

They’re both extremely cool under pressure demonstrated by their first time short range passing

But we think that man Ederson pips it due to his passing range and ridiculous power: His wand of a left foot allows him to make 70 yard passes with the same precision as a 10 yard pass!


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💥Ball at your feet💥 – The games changing all the time – Goalkeepers can have a lot of possession in games now – ✅ They should want to be comfortable with the ball at their feet as it can be the difference between starting an attack or keeping possession for your team… or losing it in a bad area and conceding a goal – A lot of non goalkeepers usually say “I like a goalkeeper who just keeps the ball out of the net” yes that is very important but this is still an area that can contribute to that – If the above was the case, goalkeepers wouldn’t need to work on crossing, sweeping up, goalkicks etc – #themoderndaygk #passing #gkunion #moderndaygk #gk #goleiro #gktraining #goalkeepers #training

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Distribution (arm): Manuel Neuer for throwing

He uses the throw more than most keepers. The technique he uses is rarely seen these days as many teams play short but his rocket of an arm allows him to set counter attacks up quickly

Side Volleys: Itu Khune

He has an unbelievable technique for his side volley! He’ll fire balls out that brush oppositions hair along their way to his teammates chest! Rarely will you see the ball go over 10 foot. What a great guy too!

Sweeping/intercepting: Look no further than Andre Onana!

The 22 year old couldn’t of had a better footballing education than starting out at Barcelona as a youth, and now Ajax no.1

He is quick, strong and powerful. A real athlete with impeccable timing which makes sweeping up look too simple! You’d think he was on the training ground the way he plays. Sweeping up isn’t the only thing he’s capable of… He’s definitely one to watch out for!


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💥Sweeping up💥 – ✅ Here’s a drill to work on sweeping up through balls into the box – 🔑The goalkeeper responds to a verbal command as they are facing away 🔑Turn in and readjust position to where the ball is going 🔑 Be prepared to decelerate and run with the striker if he gets there first! – We personally think sweeping up is taken for granted – Not every goalkeeper has the athletic ability to do it, yet it’s seen as the norm – People don’t seem to appreciate the goalkeeper needs very good: ✅Judgement ✅Timing ✅Confidence in their speed – Otherwise they can give the striker a clean chance – If you can sweep up effectively then you might not need to make a save because you’ve prevented a chance – It will also allow your team to play higher and press the opposition higher up the field – ✅Add speed and reactive work into your training if you’re not already doing it – @abovetheaction on the 🎥 and drone! – #themoderndaygk #speed #strengthandconditioning #goalkeepers #sweepingup #gktraining #gkunion #goalkeepertraining #moderndaygk #themoderndaygk #goalkeeper #gktraining #gk #goalkeeperlife #goalkeepertraining #drones

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