The Modern Day GK – Pre Match Warm Up (Download)

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Find out the techniques we use to help best prepare before games!

👐 Lee, our goalkeeping technician (who has over 15 YEARS of experience playing PROFESSIONALLY) and the rest of our team, have created a warm up that covers your:
✅Physical Preparation
✅Technical Preparation
✅Psychological Preparation

What you’ll receive?
✅ 19 page PDF file with photos: ADVICE + step by step guide to each part of the warm up
✅ DEMO VIDEO of the warm up

Who can use it?
✅ From ELITE to AMATEUR goalkeepers
✅ Goalkeeper coaches at all levels
✅ Grassroots coaches
✅ Parents

⚠ Don’t undo all your hard work you’ve completed through the week, by not completing a thorough warm up! ⚠

*written in English