The Modern Day GK – In Season Bundle (Download)

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In celebration of the new season starting for most people this Saturday… we’ve got a special promotion. 

The Modern Day GK In season Bundle!

✅ Pre Match Warmup

✅ In Season Strength Program

Get both Downloadable PDFs for only £8.49

In Season

This program is to be used during the season

It is low volume to prevent soreness and fatigue going into matches

What is inside the plan:

Shoulder Assistance work

***Important Information: This program isn’t for Low level experience with strength training

Make sure you know each exercise before attempting them

Seek help from a professional if you don’t know how to do a certain exercise

By completing the purchase, you’re taking full responsibility for any injuries you may receive whilst training

(there are no photos included within the instructions)

Pre Match Warm Up

Find out the techniques we use to help best prepare before games!

👐 Lee, our goalkeeping technician (who has over 15 YEARS of experience playing PROFESSIONALLY) and the rest of our team, have created a warm up that covers your:
✅Physical Preparation
✅Technical Preparation
✅Psychological Preparation

What you’ll receive?
✅ 19 page PDF file with photos: ADVICE + step by step guide to each part of the warm up
✅ DEMO VIDEO of the warm up

Who can use it?
✅ From ELITE to AMATEUR goalkeepers
✅ Goalkeeper coaches at all levels
✅ Grassroots coaches
✅ Parents

⚠ Don’t undo all your hard work you’ve completed through the week, by not completing a thorough warm up! ⚠

*written in English