“What advice would you give to a young GK?”

We got asked this recently and we’ve been thinking about it ever since. There’s a million different answers we could give but here’s a few things that could help not just young goalkeepers, but any young athlete. 1. Be a good person ❌ No one's going to want to help you if you're a bit of a “jerk”.  But don't be nice ... More

The Best Goalkeepers

We were recently asked to contribute to Bleacher Reports article on the evolution of goalkeepers. Here are our choices and why. Please leave a comment with your choices.... More

Top 10 Q+A With The Modern Day GK

Top 10 Questions Answered From the Modern Day GK More

What Is The Modern Day GK?

Goalkeeper Education: Harsh Treatment of Goalkeepers You shouldn’t have to tell someone you’re a good goalkeeper, but you can try and educate people on what qualities you need to be a good goalkeeper, especially for those who have never played the position and have little idea of how hard this position is. This is where we got the ... More

Our First Post

First of all we’d just like to say a massive for following our page and giving us such a huge platform. The responses by our followers has been unbelievable so far. We’ve had messages from people all over the world who have improved their own goalkeeping just by watching our videos! Others who have got back into goalkeeping. The support ... More